What is Visit Hull?

Visit Hull is the area tourism partnership (ATP) for the region.  Visit Hull's activities focus around visitor promotion and management, destination awareness and building the quality of the destination.

Visit Hull is responsible for generating increased tourism activity in Hull through a range of innovative marketing activities and tourism business support.

What Does Visit Hull Do?

  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders and partner organisations to ensure clarity of the key aims of Visit Hull and support for their delivery
  • Establish Visit Hull as the gateway for information in the region relating to the tourism and visitor market
  • Premore the destination and the activity within it.
  • Support and underpin all activity relating to Visit Hull business plan particularly in relation to the key objective to increase visitor spend.

The Welcome Information Centre

Visit Hull has a physical presence in the city, with the Hull Welcome Information Centre, based in the heart of the city, in Paragon Interchange.

Visitors receive a warm welcome from the knowledgeable team of staff and volunteers, who are ready to share their local expertise and knowledge of Hull.

As well as information on local attractions, place to east, shops and events The Welcome Information Centre stocks a wide selection of free leaflets, guides and maps about Hull and the local area.

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