Learning and Leisure on Beverley Road

TOUR GUIDE: Hilary Byers

Take a walk up Beverley Road with Conservation guide Hilary Byers.  

We start at one of our oldest surviving school buildings, now the Kingston Youth Centre, set back from the road opposite Trafalgar Street.

In keeping with the ‘Hidden Nature’ theme of this year’s Heritage Open Days, we’ll appreciate the green haven at the rear of the Youth Centre, created by the young people at the Youth Centre and by Hull Community Diggers.  

We’ll look at the other schools that were in this stretch of Beverley Road. We may also be surprised at how many cinemas were proposed and built within a short distance of each other. 

Of course, we’ll update you on the progress now being made with preserving the remains of the bombed National Picture Theatre, for which we are grateful to National Lottery players, Hull City Council and the National Civilian World War 2 Memorial Trust.  

We’ll finish at Stepney Station, where you might welcome a sit down!  The station building is now a place for learning and leisure run by the Turkish Community.  

Don’t forget to bring your own photos and memories of trips to the sea-side! 

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