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Ye Olde White Harte - 25 Silver St - Hull - HU1 1JG

Why not visit one of Hull's most historic inns. A great place to have a drink and soak up the centuries old atmosphere. On the first floor you will find the virtually unchanged Plotting Parlour (not normally open to the general public), the alleged scene of the Hull Governor Sir John Hotham's decision to refuse entry to King Charles I in 1642, a crucial juncture in the English Civil War.

However, many historians say that its name comes from a later, equally important plot in 1688 when leading townsmen successfully rose up against the Catholic governor of the town following the landing of William of Orange.

The inglenook fireplaces with their unusual tiles, a secret passageway and mysterious skull all help to add to the interest. The narrow entrance alleyways are a reminder of how the Old Town must have felt in centuries past.