Wives, Witches etc

SPEAKER: Carol Osgerby

Tuesday, September 13 at 10am.
Wrecking Ball Arts Centre,

History is often taught as the actions of famous men. Social history looks at what was happening to ordinary people while all that ‘history‘ was happening. And ‘ordinary people’ includes women. But finding ordinary women in history books
can be a problem.

When we are told by historians that in the past women mostly stayed home, wage-earning women being a ‘modern phenomenon’, the result is often that we don’t tend to expect to find women out
side the domestic sphere. And yet the historical records – of property transactions and court business, for instance – do record women in numbers that imply that those individuals were not totally exceptional. So I began to look for local women – and this talk shows some of those I found and included in the Hull & East Yorkshire History Calendar.

Yes, I found women as wives, widows, even witches, but also as workers. I’ve found women criminals, heads of reli
gious houses, major landowners, farmers, and in occupations such as bone-setter, apothecary, swineherd, and translator.

Seek, and you shall find.

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