Ships Sailed Into Hull

SPEAKER: Colin Cooper

Friday, September 10 at 10am. Wreckingball Music and Books.

15 Whitefriargate


Stairs only to 1st floor

Ships Sailed Into Hull

In the 21st Century it is fair to say that most towns and cities looked alike with identical high streets, buses and street furniture, but it was not always the case.

In the 1950’s and 60’s every large town and city had its clearly defined character due to its geography, industries and history – never more so than in Hull where its character arose from it being the ‘WORLDS LARGEST FISHING PORT’.

Hull had 13 miles of quays and 200 acres of enclosed docks plus the heavily industrialised river which gave Hull its name. Then there was the Old Town and its docks with ocean-going vessels and trawlers sailing right into the heart of the town. Finally, of course, there was the maze of local railways with a total of 17 level crossings.

Colin Cooper’s talk covers all these things along with a few buses thrown in for good measure – and why not?