Cottingham and the Fair Maid of Kent

SPEAKER: Peter Asquith Cowan

Monday, September 12 at 1.30pm,
Wrecking Ball Arts Centre,

This talk will focus on the history of Cottingham and its connection with royalty in the Middle-Ages. There is an emphasis on Joan Plantagenet (1328-1385) known in history as ‘The Fair Maid of Kent’ and described as “The most beautiful woman
in all the realm of England”. It had originally been the seat of the De Stuteville family but later passed to the De Wake family. After marrying Edward the ‘Black Prince’ she became the 4th Countess of Kent, hence her acquired name. It is said that King Edward 1 stayed at Baynard Castle when he returned from his Scottish wars and subsequently purchased Wyke-upon-Hull which became Kingstown (ton) -upon Hull in 1299.

Joan by her marriage to Edward, gave birth to King Richard 11 (1377-1399) so connecting the Manor of Cottingham with royalty.  The castle – probably built of wood - was destroyed by fire in the early 16th century when King Henry V111th, whilst residing in Hull at the Suffolk Palace, threatened to visit the Lord of Cottingham, who feared the king’s intentions towards his wife, which prompted the Lord to arrange for an accidental fire which destroyed the castle, so King Henry never did make his visit. It was sited in Northgate and the moat can still be seen.

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