Andrew Marvell and Malaria

SPEAKER: Dr Stewart Mottram

Thursday, September 15 at 1.30pm.
The Guildhall

Malaria was a common disease in the seventeenth century and the indirect cause of Hull poet Andrew Marvell’s death in 1678. Surviving accounts of Marvell’s final days show he was suffering from vivax malaria at the time of his death, and new research reveals that it was the medicine Marvell was taking for malaria, an opiate called mithridate, that actually killed him. But in Marvell’s life time, another medicine – quinine – was fast becoming the new wonder drug to relieve malaria symptoms.

Had Marvell opted for quinine over mithridate, he probably wouldn’t have died in August 1678.

This talk tells the story of Marvell’s death in light of the history of malaria and malaria treatments in estuary regions like seventeenth-century London and Hull.

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