A Woman’s Work? - Women’s Lives in Late 17c Kingston upon Hull

SPEAKER: Michael Rymer

Mike was born off Beverley Road, Kingston upon Hull in 1952. He has always had an interest in the history of the area and this was further developed when he was awarded a B.A. in Regional and Local History from the University of Hull in 1985. The degree also facilitated his passion for family history.

Mike is a retired pharmacist and has a number of hobbies relating to local history including being an Absolutely Cultured Volunteer, a volunteer Tour Guide for the public tours of Hull Trinity House, Chairman of Governors at Hull Trinity House Academy, a Patron of Hull – Yorkshire Maritime City, a backup tour guide for Paul Schofield and Keith Daddy, an occasional contributor to the East Yorkshire Historian, a committee member of East Yorkshire Local History Society and providing talks, particularly on the people of late 17th century Kingston upon Hull.

A Woman’s Work? - Women’s Lives in Late 17c Kingston upon Hull

This talk will shortly be accessible online.

 What was a woman’s social status in 17th century Hull?

What was a woman’s legal status at this time?

How were women perceived by the church and society?

Could a married woman work?

What kind of work were women engaged in?

How were widows treated in the 17th century?

Was divorce an option available to 17th century women?

Who was in charge of the money in marriage?

What local evidence exists that describes the lives of women?

The talk covers many aspects of the lives of women in both domestic and work situations and tries to answer the questions posed above.