A History of Health in Hull

from Pre History to now


Friday, September 16 at 11.15am.
Wrecking Ball Arts Centre,

“History” wrote the historian Braudel “is what people make of their Geography”.

Hull’s location was the reason for the rise of the port city, a trigger for industrialisa tion and rapid population growth. Daniel
Defoe, on his Tour of the Whole Island (1726) spoke of Hull being “exceedingly close built” – facilitating the spread of
disease. This talk is a summary of a series of webinars written by Rob Bell founder of The History Troupe with Dr Dan Roper – a prominent Hull based medical practitioner.

The Ice Age left an area of marshland; ideal for malaria – the cause of Andrew Marvell’s death. The Black Death (1346-53) saw 60% of Europe’s population wiped out; Hull’s lack of man power forced the adoption of cranes and port expansion. Then, the crowded 19th century with an outbreak of cholera and waves of typhus, scarlatina and the Russian Flu.

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