Beverley Minster Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, Highgate, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 0DN

Beverley Minster's Secret Garden is open again. Take a rare change to visit this amazing place, an oasis of green hidden behind the houses and almost totally unknown even to its neighbours.

The Minster has a Quiet Garden, usually open to visitors as it will be this year. Hidden behind it, off Highgate, for the second year running the Secret Garden of the Minster will be opened to the public. Last year’s opening for HOD was a sensational success, even those who lived close by had never seen this wonderful place. The garden is constantly changing, with new things to see. It is a haven for wildlife, and a very rare chance to enjoy its peace and tranquillity.

This year there are plans to illustrate the national HOD theme of Edible England at this site…. The garden has a wealth of plants and trees already, but an allotment is being planned in which the gardeners hope to grow the sort of foodstuffs eaten in mediaeval England.. In addition to this they intend to grow herbs that were used in cooking and for medicinal cures throughout the ages.

Weather permitting it is hoped we can cook a pottage, over the open fire within the garden, which was the staple diet of the people. The guides will give a comprehensive tour which will cover how the garden has provided food for centuries for the people in and around the Minster.

Event Times

Friday 10 September: 1100-1600
Saturday 11 September: 1100-1600
Sunday 12 September: 1300-1600

Booking Details

No booking required

Additional Information

Max 6 people per tour/session. This number could increase if Covid regulations allow Contact for the day: Sue Robson 01482 887300 and 07894227471