HODS Launch 2019


The origins of the HULL & BEVERLEY HERITAGE STORE website lie in the perceived need to keep the Heritage Open Days show on the road during this national crisis, when it appeared that many, or all, of the Open Properties would not, in fact, be open at the time of the Festival, which in 2020, is 11th to 20th September.

Equally, it was potentially going to be impossible to deliver the extensive HODS Talks Programme if people could not meet in confined spaces!

The HBHC website therefore, sets out to serve several purposes:

  • To be an online replica of the printed HODS Brochure.

  • To provide a link for each property to the National HODS website.

  • To provide further background and historical information for each property than can be contained in the printed HODS Brochure.

  • To provide links to existing company and property websites.

  • To provide links to additional information, in the form of text and images and short videos, where available.

  • To deliver the Talks Programme by employing the wide variety of online techniques now available.

  • To provide an outlet to property owners and managers to showcase their properties by a variety of means – film, text, and websites.

  • To promote the vibrant and historic city of Hull and the lovely market town of Beverley, to the wider world – some would say that we hide our light under a bushel.

  • To provide a portal to other existing sources of information about the area in the form of other organisations websites and where appropriate, to current news regarding events – plays , music, festivals, which will of course have to be kept current by the venues concerned. These features will be added progressively.

In these ways, it will, in fact, provide a richer store of information about our area’s heritage and current affairs, both corporately and culturally, than could be provided in a static paper publication, glossy and interesting and as attractive as this year’s HODS Brochure is!

It will be a permanent, year-round resource, reflecting not just our collective heritage, in terms of buildings, people, and events, but also as a dynamic window onto what is happening here in our region now, both culturally and commercially.

In its role as an adjunct to the European and national HERITAGE OPEN DAYS programme, it will be a resource for people who may not be able to visit any, or many, of the properties, even when they are able to take visitors, as HODS only lasts for ten days each year. Many people who have to work, are very limited as to what buildings they can visit, or what talks they can listen to.

And additionally, if you do not happen to live in Hull, or even this country, the HBHS website provides a store of information about the life and times of our region.